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Oh my friends, my FRIENDS, don't ask meeeeeee..... why I woke up before daaawwnnnnn....

Empty mugs of missing coffeeβ€”

Now my soul is black... and gooooone.

Ohgod. Doc Martin just showed a man stress-eating his hair and he just hacked up a hairball. On screen. And I am... 100% grossed out. Not often that happens.

Weekly Tarot - Week 3 is going up for my weekly tarot reads! Gonna go live 6am Monday at PST. Please to... tmblr.co/Z-cQmh2WCbbUZ

Hi, top ramen, my old friend...
I've come to dine on you again.
Because your cost is cheap and easy.
Flavor, PB, soy: it's tasty...

So true story: because filthy assistant works 10hr shifts and puppers is injured and I don't drive, Instacart has saved my bloody life. Well, metaphorically speaking. So if you like grocery delivery: inst.cr/t/oSUzQfyxE

Saves us both money to clickit!

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Today's agenda: get tomorrow's weekly card out (one tarot draw a week, my delights! gumroad.com/l/wklytaro); figure out wordcount metrics for two forthcoming book-like shenanigans; sit on this goddamn dog so he stops eating off his foot bandages. Asshole.

That thing where you're enjoying yourself at a thing and then one asshole has to passive aggressive shame the rest of us.

... And it triggers that time when you spent ten years navigating that very thing for least impact possible and then you cry because it sucks and it extra sucks that somebody like that has that ability.

So I'm playing @bioware@twitter.com's Fe and I am super enchanted. 😍 Gonna have to play Unraveled next, I think.

πŸ“· My funk and your pate better get a room. And a nuclear license. tmblr.co/Z-cQmh2W7ZMks