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HEY. YOU. WITH THE WRITERY. Screenplays or comics or books or whatever.



Applications are open. A week of badass science.

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And NO, you DO NOT need to be writing science fiction. I attended this amazing workshop and walked out with a whole fantasy concept.

Loved Interstellar and wanna write more like it? COOL!

Take this workshop and write more like it BUT WITH REAL PHYSICS.

Did Titan AE blow your mind as a kid?


Go animate the shit out of something new BUT WITH REAL PHYSICS.


Got a comet in your fantasy? (coughcough) Sweeeet. We like comets!

Attend launchpadworkshop.org/ and SCIENCE THE FUCK OUT OF THAT COMET.

You write... video games? Eh? Eh? I know you do, I know you do! Say no more, a nod's as good as a blind bat!

But you know what blind bats like? PHYSICS. IN SPAAAAAAAACE. launchpadworkshop.org/

(Blind bat did not wink. A nod is LITERALLY AS GOOD AS A BLIND BAT.)

Anyway. You get the idea.


Apply, munchmeats. APPLY AND RIDE TO VICTORY.

Appropriately, John Legend is telling me that we are stardust.

So let this be a sign to you.

Physics, motherfuckers. DO YOU SPEAK IT.

@kacealexander Now *how do I become a speaker* at this thing… πŸ€”

@Qwyrdo You contact them and tell them you know me and saw my spammage and give them your credentials and whatever else. :D launchpadworkshop.org/contact/

@kacealexander But my only credential is being a science nerd fascinated by exoplanets and circumbinary systems :eo_joy_cat:

(But thanks for the permission to name drop!)

@Qwyrdo Hahaha, it's worth a shot? Or just apply to go. ;)