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Kevin Hearne

You know you’re just about done with a manuscript when MS Word starts giving you the Spinning Beach Ball of Death every so often for no damn reason except that’s it’s an unstable pice of software

Good morning! 150 pages to go on this cleanup edit of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GNOMES then I get to send to my co-author. And then I get to work on my epic!!!Hope you have excitement and exclamation points in your day.

When you have Bon Jovi action figures you never say goodbye. These were in a neighbor’s man cave; besides the expected sports stuff, he had a whole section devoted to metal memorabilia. Wild.

Got some pages edited— it as many as I’d like but PROGRESS. Game night tonight and tomorrow night! Woohoo!

Portrait of a Pug Intrigued by Doings in the Kitchen

Editing the manuscript today to get it into deliverable shape. If I can get it to my co-author by the beginning of next week we might be able to deliver at the end of next week, so yay

Aw yeah I got washi tape out so it’s time for fancy-schmancy letter writing!

Squee! First draft of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GNOMES is finished! Gotta go through and get it in shape for delivery, but the drafting is done!

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You know that cheddar dust they have on popcorn? I imagine there must be dunes of that stuff somewhere. Employees probably get coated in it and come home looking like an ambulatory Cheeto

Or they walk in it like Paul Mua’Dib and plant a thumper in the ground to summon a cheddar worm

Most of the epilogue written; should finish today! Squee!

“But first,” he said, “coffee.”

Letters written. Post dispatched. 'Tis now time to write the epilogue to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GNOMES.

These retro image postcards with repurposed text just crack me up. They’re so much fun. Pen pals should get a chuckle.

Finished my chapter. Woohoo! Book is almost done! Just gotta write the epilogue now. But I think I’ll read a bit first. Really enjoying MALICE OF CROWS by Lila Bowen.

Coffee secured. All aboard the word train.

Got 1686 words in; not spectacular but I’ll take it! Should get chapter finished tomorrow.

Anyone else up for some Sunday afternoon wording? I have a battle scene to write. Riding to Wordhalla!

Don't know how many of y'all are fans, but if you like the bard at all, you might really enjoy a BBC series called Upstart Crow about William's life. I found it hilarious; wife and I have been giggling about it. Found it on iTunes.

My pug seeks inspiration. He may be inspired to move later, but my guess is that he will elect to stay. Why fight inertia?

*wakes groggily*
*had no grog last night*
*groggily wonders where the grog is*