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Kevin Hearne

Working on THE PRINCESS BEARD with Delilah S. Dawson. Today I get to write the first chapter of a character she created so I have a case of excited nerves. Or that might be the coffee.

Got a box of my last Iron Druid book in the mail. Three weeks till it’s out! Squee!

Stuff to do: Coffee

I figure everything else will work itself out after that

There’s someone on Instagram who comments on every picture I post, asking me to follow them. They just post pics of books in foreign languages and it’s a fairly new account. I have no interest in these. I can’t read them. I don’t understand why they are so desperate for my follow. There must be something I’m missing because I’m old. Can they monetize their account somehow? It doesn’t appear to be rational behavior otherwise...

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Turned in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GNOMES last night. That’s my fourteenth book. Amazed (and thankful) that I’m still here and get to write more. Two novels and a novella are in the queue for me next. But I think, for once, I will take a day off, just to remember what that’s like

Back from Emerald City and itching to write. Who's ready to ride to Wordhalla?


Now reading! Fun mystery with a lepidopterist protagonist!

Got a cool note from my Polish translator worried about the most awesome things while she is working on A Plague of Giants. She wonders if there are hidden meanings in the songs, for example. But also what do I mean when I call someone "Butternuts." This is going to be a fun email.

Evil Mutton Chop Man showed up at the end of the episode but I think I’m out. Some interesting bits but it didn’t grab me. Goodbye, Sean Bean.

This is moving super slow. Lots of hallucinations/dreams and shots of seagulls. OH WAIT SOMEONE BUTCHERED THE PRIEST


Interesting bit in that scene tho: he’s died and “seen the other side” so the priest’s promises of happy times when he’s dead are BS to him. And he doesn’t believe he’s his old self. That guy died. He’s something else “beyond God’s kingdom.” ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY DIE AND COME BACK.

Now we have a scene with a priest about God and justice and revenge and I’m hoping it won’t be a recurring thing like in Daredevil

Sean Bean has returned to the place where they reanimated him but Evil Mutton Chop Man is gone. Woman who liked him before immediately gives him a quest: YOU MUST FIND HIM. FOR ME. *kissy kissy smoochy smooch*


Oh shit Sean Bean chain whipped a guard and killed his ass! He’s busting out! He’s got a whole new character arc in front of him and it’s gonna be mostly pain with a side of agony, but who cares, he’s free!

Six minutes of flashbacks and chain rattling and screaming to let us know Sean Bean is really horrified to be alive right now. THIS SHOULD NOT BE, he seems to be saying. I’M SEAN BEAN. I’M SUPPOSED TO DIE ST THE END, NOT KEEP GOING

Mostly a montage of hallucinations so far. Sean Bean is in Bedlam. But there are spiders! Seagulls! The ocean! Mustaches! A rich fantasy life!

All right, let’s live-toot least the first episode of season two of The Frankenstein Chronicles. I have so many questions. Does reanimated Sean Bean still harbor disease? Will he die again because he’s Sean Bean? Will we see the sex clock from Season 1 again, or other sex clock enthusiasts?